Uganda: day 6

Hello, it’s Andy here. Peter, Jo and I are in Jinja overnight to meet with Busoga Trust and other local development organisations, to look at what local support and governance could be available for the social enterprise. Back in Naminage, the rest of the team are continuing to offer training to those that are wanting to get involved in children’s […]

Uganda: day 5

Jo here – It’s day 5 and weather update: it’s still hot! We’re enjoying the sun, and no one’s been burnt… yet. Yesterday afternoon, we saw the training that school staff and business owners are going through as part of the Petal Project scheme. Through learning essential business schools such as record keeping, marketing and financial transparency, these trainees will […]

Annual general church council meeting – 19 March

On Sunday 19 March at 12.30 pm we’ll be having our annual general meeting of our parochial church council, followed by baked potato lunch. Please do come back after our earlier service, or stay on after the later morning service for this annual meeting. During the meeting we’ll summarise what God has been doing with us and through us as a […]

Come and join us in the cafe on Wednesday 15 March at 7.30 pm for a free evening of fun, games and conversation. Although some cheese will be provided, Will is choosing it – you might want to bring your favourite cheese! Please also bring a bottle of your preferred wine or other drink and a game to play & share.

Uganda: day 4 

Ruth here, writing from beautifully sunny Naminage. We arrived safely last night having stayed in Kampala for a night and then traveled on through Jinja. It rained hard last night which was a blessing as they have had a drought for a long time. It meant that the water tank here actually has some water in now. Today, Ash Wednesday, […]