News Here’s our latest update from Andy and Nicky, letting you know what’s been happening this past week and what we expect in the weeks to come Resources Our latest small group material can be found here. To help us stay connected as a Church, each small group will be using the same resource, published here each week Be sure […]

Dear friends, We are going through a season of unpredictable and challenging circumstances as the world faces the Coronavirus. My thoughts are with you all as you adapt to cope with the new patterns of living. I particularly want to offer my heart-felt sympathy to those of you who have additional health complications which are putting you at greater risk […]

A March blog post from Lauren, one of our Ordinands: Is it just me or can you feel Spring springing? Now and then a sweet-smelling breeze or a renegade blossoming tree reminds me that winter, frost and storms are not forever. They remind me that scraping my car windows at 5.00am ready for the long drive to college will soon […]

Readings New series: The Beatitudes Sunday 1 March Mathew 5: 1 -12 Matthew 4: 1 – 11 Sunday 8 March Mathew 5: 1 -12 John 3: 1- 17 Sunday 15 March Mathew 5: 1 -12 John 4: 5 – 42 Sunday 22 March Mathew 5: 1 -12 John 9 Sunday 29 March Mathew 5: 1 -12 John 11: 1- 45 […]