Peter writes:

Did you know these facts about Uganda?

  • Population in 2019 of 45.07 million people
  • Life expectancy of the average male is 56.7
  • Life expectancy of the average female is 60.5
  • 84% of the population is Christian, 14% is Muslim
  • 48.47% of the population is between 0-14 years
  • 21.16% of the population is between 15-24 years
  • 84% of the population live in rural areas
  • Just 2.04% of the population is over 65!
  • Approximately half of Ugandans live on less than one dollar per day
  • Uganda is the second largest producer of bananas in the world
  • 66% of Ugandans work in the farming industry
  • The country’s motto is “For God and My Country”

As a church here is Southampton we have had long-established links with one rural community in the Busoga district of Uganda. The village of Naminage is a small village with three secondary schools, a church and a mosque. The village also has a small medical centre staffed by nurses. It has limited access to mains electricity and all water is pumped by hand.

Between February 24 2019 and March 14 2019, a small group of seven intrepid travellers will be visiting our sister parish in Naminage to humbly listen and learn. Sure – we go with ideas – but we also go as servants. We do not presume to bring anything but ourselves. We will meet and pray with many folk, share food and fellowship. You cannot help but be in awe of the deep and enduring faith of those whose daily lives we would struggle to share in, if only briefly. We would judge ourselves privileged beyond measure.

We will be looking at the progress and development of the Petal Project, a micro-enterprise established in 2017 to produce re-usable sanitary towels. We will be hoping to catch up with young people’s workers whom we met and shared ideas with last time. We will be spending time working in schools both in Naminage and elsewhere to support the work Revd. Richard Rukundo is doing across Uganda, to increase engagement with the gospel in schools.

Please pray for the team – that we might be good servants and that we might grow and strengthen the relationship between our two parishes, that we might have the gifts of wisdom and discernment and please pray also for our health and safety. The team are Sandra Berry, Jo Barrington, Peter Goodall, Alex and Ruth Hills, Hannah Palmer-Brooks and Revd. Andy Smith.