Will, our curate for the last few years, is moving on to become vicar of Redland Church in Bristol….

Change is always one of the hardest things in life. It feels very weird that after 5 and half years Katie and I are leaving, both Ascension and Southampton. We love the Church and will miss all of you. The last few years have been a real adventure, we’ve met some amazing people and made friends for life. The best bit though has been seeing all that Jesus has done in our community.

When we make space for Jesus to work both in our lives as individuals and in our lives as a community he always does. The evidence for this can been seen all over our life at Ascension. The one thing I keep learning and that feels particularly relevant at this moment in my life is that there is always more. Jesus wants to bring more transformation to our lives, renewing us and making us the fullness of who we are created to be. The only end to the transformation he can bring is our willingness to receive it, to seek it, to cry out for it.

In some ways it feels hard to move, the familiar is always more comfortable and easy than change. On balance though we’re so excited because we are confident we are going where God is leading us and that means letting him transform us more.

As I leave, my challenge to you as a Church is where is Jesus wanting to transform and change you, as an individual and as a community? Where might you be missing or resisting it? Seek Jesus afresh today, there is always more, it’s always amazing (even if scary) because God is good.

I look forward to hearing from Bristol what Jesus continues to do at Ascension! Thank you for all you have done and been for both me and Katie. We will miss you a lot.

Will and Katie