At Ascension, we have taken time to discern what kind of a church we are.

We want to state this upfront, and take steps to go deeper in becoming and expressing it.  Our mission mandate lays out what we are here for, and our values outline what we need to keep on the agenda and focus on if we are to accomplish our mission.

Mission mandate

Inviting those around us to encounter the living Jesus and be transformed to a life captivated by him.

Our values

Jesus is the definition

We look at Jesus to see fully who God is, what it means to be human and how it looks to be fully alive.

Prophetic interruption

We expect that the Holy Spirit will interrupt our plans, as he leads us as a community. We make space to respond to this as we follow him together.

Empowering vocation

We are committed to helping people discover who Jesus has made them to be and empowering them to play their role in his rescue plan for creation.

Jesus encounter

We expect to encounter Jesus as present with us and to be changed through this. We intentionally shape our gatherings to make space for this.

Dependant prayer

We seek to engage deeper and more often in prayer, only with this foundation will we see the impossible happen and lives be transformed by Jesus.