Dear Friends,

As I sit and write this newsletter we are having the hottest day of the year, and it has been a very hot year – I am told it is comparable with 1976 for those of us who can remember that one. Of course, as Brits, many of us have had enough now. It is too hot to sleep, to walk, to do anything much.

We are a strange bunch, aren’t we? I think of the Israelites in the desert, rescued from slavery and despite experiencing incredible miracles – being spared the plagues, pillars of smoke and fire and the parting of the sea, they still found things to moan about. The miracle of manna every day – great but manna every day? It is so easy to criticize the Israelites and yet how quickly that which is miraculous for us becomes normal, we take it for granted and grumble.

Jesus died for us. He gave all He was and all He had to live amongst us, to be God incarnate. Jesus has set us free – from sin, death, guilt, fear, insecurities. We are free to be all God created us to be. What an awesome truth, truly a miracle. Let us leave the old behind us and run in to all He has given us. We are no longer of this world, so why do we let the things of this world irritate us so much? Our everyday miracle is to have His Spirit with us and in us, whatever else is happening around us. He loves us unconditionally, fiercely, tenderly. Nothing can separate us from Him. So let us enjoy our wonderful British climate, along with life, whatever it throws at us.