Dear Friends,

I have been reflecting, over the last year, about our church community here at Ascension. I really love our community. I love that God shows up again and again; I love that we see people come to a new relationship with Jesus; I love that we have different ages all together in one community; I love that that we have grown and continue to be expectant for growth; I love that we have this priority on Jesus and I love that there is an intimacy with Jesus as we gather.

Over this last year I have been giving some thought to how we can articulate what is special about our community, how we can condense or distil it into just a small number of sentences, without leaving something essential out, or without losing what is special about what God has been doing in our community. I would love to share this with you all.

This updated vision has been shared with our PCC, our staff team and our leadership team. Some have commented that it ‘feels like us’ or that ‘yes, this seems like this is what God is doing with us at the moment’.

I want to share this with the whole church community. To do this we are going to spend the next seven Sundays sharing the vision and values. We have also prepared material for the small groups to delve into this in a bit more detail to be able to apply it to our lives. If you’re not in a small group we would love to get you involved in one, but if that’s not for you just yet then each week’s material will also be available for everyone each Sunday.

It is my hope and prayer that this renewed clarity and direction will help us work together as a community as we try and live out all that God has in store for us at Ascension.