Nicky writes:

Julian of Norwich is known for writing the book ‘Revelations of Divine Love.’ She was a unique and extraordinary individual who experienced visions or prophetic pictures from God. In her own words she describes herself as experiencing ‘the depths of the love of God, who is willing to go to any lengths to be with us’. She had a profound experience of who God is and the rest of her life was shaped by this experience, but, essentially and most intriguingly, Julian of Norwich spent the whole of her life in a cell in prayer to God. She didn’t come out of that cell even to receive her meals or to take communion. She observed most of her life from the vantage point of her cell.

The thing that intrigues me the most about her is that she was unknown. Her real name is not really Julian of Norwich – this is just the name of the community that she was part of. She describes herself as simple and uneducated and even her famous book was not discovered until years after her death. It would seem at the time that she existed on earth that her life in terms of kingdom purpose could easily have seemed meaningless. Why would you spend your entire life in a cell? And yet she lived a life walking closely with God.

Julian of Norwich poses a challenge to me. She was not worried about success, about her life making a difference or being noticed by others. She was unpretentious to say the least. Her priority was irrevocably to be with God. Julian of Norwich’s life priorities challenges us to re-evaluate our priorities. Her radical example encourages us to put time with God as our number one priority. It might not be that you spend your life in a cell, but in what ways can you facilitate living with God in your normal life? Why not take some time out today to spend some time with God? Perhaps 10 minutes over a cup of coffee.

Ask God to draw near to you today and reveal to you the depths of His love for you.