Sara, one of our lay readers, writes:

Dear Friends

I am writing this in Canada.  Around Toronto where I am staying, the most amazing and beautiful thing is to see the trees in the Fall (Autumn!).  The maple trees on the hillsides and in the streets turn deep oranges and reds, the colours of a million different sunsets displayed leaf by leaf.  Where I am at the moment it is impossible not to notice that the season is changing.

Noticing changing seasons is important as a way we can all mark time passing – and as Christians and as a church we do this too. In each season we have the opportunity to consider different aspects of what we believe.  After the end of the season which began on Trinity Sunday at the beginning of the Summer, we move through the season beginning on 1st November, with All Saints’ Day, and leading to Advent.  In this season in particular, we remember our church as a family

Through baptism we become members of one another in Christ, members of a company of saints whose mutual belonging transcends death

On November 1st, All Saints’ Day, we can remember the saints of the church – early disciples, and those who died as martyrs professing their faith, or those who have informed ours.  On All Souls’ Day, we remember those people whom we have known personally – family and friends – who have cherished us in the name of Christ and set us an example in following Him.

Immediately before we begin our preparation for Christmas, in Advent, we first celebrate the feast of Christ the King.  For the last two months at Ascension we have been learning more about this King and his Kingdom.  We have a deeper understanding of Christ our King, and I hope, that his Kingdom is both “now and not yet”.  For now Christ our King has conquered death, and reigns in our hearts and in heaven.  Let us celebrate together with all the family of saints, living or dead, this season of Christ the King.