A March blog post from Lauren, one of our Ordinands:

Is it just me or can you feel Spring springing? Now and then a sweet-smelling breeze or a renegade blossoming tree reminds me that winter, frost and storms are not forever. They remind me that scraping my car windows at 5.00am ready for the long drive to college will soon be in the past.

Soon, we will be driving home from our late meetings, long day at work and after school activities in day light! Coats and scarves will be left at home as the warmth of spring makes everywhere more comfortable.

Sometimes, I think it would be better to go into Lent earlier, in the bleak, dark cold of winter, so Easter breaks in step with the Spring. I suppose we can, at least in our mind’s eye, see the new life of Spring as a deeply symbolic sign of the new life Jesus’ resurrection brings.

It interrupts the death-like grip of winter and ushers in a thawing, which is followed by waves of blossom, lambs, fledglings and foliage. Unlike the seasons, what Jesus brings to our lives and the world itself is a forever change. However, like seasons, even those who know Jesus as God with us daily, will know seasons of winter, storms and challenge.

Lent is soon upon us and as we take in a deep, reflective breath, we fix our eyes on Jesus. Being the source of all life, He was tempted and suffered in the desert at the beginning of His earthly ministry and suffered at the cross at the end of His earthly ministry, to break the death grip of sin. Jesus suffered the winters of the soul to bring us all into Spring, all life. He is truly qualified to be Emmanuel – God with us.