Peter writes:

Well, it is August and holiday season is in full swing – whether you are planning a staycation or vacation – it is the time when the church population on a Sunday does, on occasions, feel a tad bit sparse!

So, does God take a holiday? Taking time away from all those prayer requests. I have a vision of God telling St. Peter and the holy host, to take care of things, with instructions only to be troubled if something really serious comes up? Well actually “No!” – He never leaves us or forsakes us (Hebrews 13:5).

We should however remember that it was of course God who invented holidays. God rested on the seventh day – he knows the importance of taking time off. Let’s be honest – not many of us are good at taking time off. We live in a 24/7 world where the concept of Sabbath rest has been lost – a gift He gave to us, found in the fourth of the ten commandments. God worked, we work, God rested, we are to rest. Maybe we need to take more time to rest with God.

Yes, perhaps we need to take more holidays!? Or, more correctly, ‘Holy Days’ – time when we can bask in the Son. Turn off the cacophony of noise and interruptions that have become the not so background theme of modern life, and, yes, allow yourself to soak-in the Son – to stop, rest, contemplate and delight in all God has done. ‘How great is our God’ – not a question but an acclamation. So – no factor 50 required, just a liberal application of factor three – Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Whether it is ten minutes of silent reflection at home or a walk in the country or by the water, taking time in God’s creation, look for opportunities to take some holy moments.

So this summer I hope you may have the opportunity to have a really good Holy Day.