Will writes:

Dear Friends,

Who are you called to be?

We are a society of do-ers. We find it easy to know and find our purpose in doing something. Often we ask each other whether we are busy this week. Instantly we want to assure people we are because to not be doing is to not have worth or purpose. We don’t quite know how to respond to someone who says they aren’t busy. The problem with this is that we are more than what we do. What we do changes. What we are able to do changes. When our identity rests on this it is sitting on an unstable foundation. Our identity ultimately is not one based on what we do or even who we think we are but on who God says we are. It’s received not found. Our identity is in Christ.

We need to start with seeking him for who he says we are and letting what we do flow from there. So, who has Jesus made you to be? What does he say about you? What unique gifts, passions and ways of thinking has he placed within you? Do you know? Could you begin asking him to reveal it to you today? We want to be people who live with purpose, in God’s purposes for us. For that to happen we need to know who he has made us to be. Let’s not wait to start that journey of discernment.