Uganda: Day 2 – we’ve arrived! 

After 20 hours of travel, we’ve arrived safely in Kampala! Understandably, we’re all very tired, but the bus journey from the airport to our guesthouse gave us a sneak peek of Kampala city life and Ugandan culture which we’re excited to explore (although maybe after a few hours sleep). Tomorrow we’ll drive 5 hours to Ascension’s link parish, Naminage. Please do […]

Uganda: Day 1 

We’re off to Uganda! We’ll take off from Heathrow this evening, and arrive in Uganda tomorrow afternoon, hopefully with all our luggage (and some sanity!) As a team, we’re excited to be visiting Naminage, our link parish, to continue building relationship with them and to learn from each other. The prospect of initiating the Petal sanitary towel project is daunting, […]

On 26 February, seven church members will travel to visit our link parish in Naminage, Uganda. They will be working with WVS to on a sanitary towels social enterprise to help keep girls in school, and encouraging local church children’s and youth ministries. Please pray for further rainfall following the drought in Uganda, as well as safety for the team, and […]