Community Art Group

A friendly and informal art group held at Ascension Centre

About the group

Founded and led by church members we live out our faith, of caring and sharing for each other in the community, through a shared passion for painting pictures.

Whilst we try to learn and understand the conventions and techniques of picture making that have evolved throughout history we acknowledge too, that for many, there is a therapeutic or spiritual dimension to the process of capturing an image or feeling in paint on paper or canvas.

In most other respects we operate like any other painting club, sharing our know-how and striving to improve our technique in picture making through experience and practice. We aim to keep fee levels as low as possible – basically to cover the room hire charges, some basic resources for beginners and the cost of putting on an annual exhibition. Members will often donate the proceeds from sale of their paintings to the church or other nominated charities.

Get involved

The Community Art Group meet on a Tuesday morning 10 – 12pm at Ascension.

We welcome people of all abilities, of faith or no faith. Members can choose their own topics/subjects or use any reference material, including books that we have available.

We offer some help / guidance to help get you started and further support/advice in the future as you need it.

If you would like to know more, contact Dave Hewett, 023 8055 4097


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