Serena from the mission house team writes on the transport challenge:

I’ve never particularly liked walking (however I do have fond memories of my dad carrying me on is head when I was little). Bikes are not my thing. This was confirmed when myself and my boyfriend decided we would go and see the lights in London last Christmas, and thought it might be nice to ride a Boris bike through Hyde park. Nice isn’t a word I would use to describe the experience. Picture a girl screaming through Hyde Park on a bike and you will have pictured me. Buses can be a little more fun, but alas the times I have waited for what seems like forever for my desired bus make them a frustrating means of transport. All in all, car is definitely my favourite way of getting around, and the most convenient.

However, though it is most convenient, travelling by car is one of the top contributing factors to carbon monoxide levels rising in the world. Hence why this last week we were thinking about how we might use public transport more, walk more and drive less. I wonder how you found it? Please feel free to share your experiences by commenting on this post.