Bex from the mission house team writes:

I don’t know about you, but I get through a ridiculous amount of jeans in a year. I try to buy jeans that are good quality, however that does not seem to matter – they all go the same way after a few months.

A few months ago, I was aware the black jeans I wear for work were soon coming to an end, but I was not sure when the tragic day would be when a hole would appear. Hilariously, a few days after thinking this, I was doing my physio exercises before going to work and the rip occurred. #awkward. I told my mum straight away and she said she would fix them – so the next time I saw her, I gave her the jeans to patch up. She has now patched up about three pairs of my jeans in the last few months mainly because she is super mum, but also she is helping me realise that I do not just need to buy a new pair of jeans whenever one pair rip.

I was challenged when we were in Uganda when I saw so many children in tattered clothes – most probably clothes that are years old and potentially have been passed down several times and could even have been sent over from charity shops from this country when we have decided they are no longer good enough for us. One man’s tat is another man’s treasure – and in this case we see that. Society tells us we need to follow the latest fashion trends otherwise we are so last season, darling, but this is equally causing more waste than necessary.

So the challenge for us is, how can we waste less and are we being sucked into the idea that buying more makes us happier? This easily becomes a reality, but Jesus teaches us to keep our focus on Him. Whether we have less or more material possessions, our identity remains in Him.