Baptism is a response to God’s love – a desire and a commitment to respond to God’s call to follow the example of Jesus Christ. It is also a celebration, a time to come together with family and friends; remembering that you are loved by God, are part of a wider community and have a place with God’s people. During a baptism, you make promises to God, have a sign of a cross made on your forehead in oil and are baptised with water, to represent your new life with God, and being part of God’s family.

We welcome both adults and children for baptism.  (The baptism of children is sometimes called ‘Christening’). Some families prefer to have a thanksgiving ceremony for a new child instead of a baptism. Baptisms and thanksgivings are conducted during the service you usually attend. To talk about arranging a baptism or thanksgiving, please contact the office.

Here are some frequently asked questions about getting your child baptised at Ascension.

Q: I’d  like  to  have  my  child  baptised,  can  I  book  one  over  the   phone?

A: No.  Here  at  Church  of  the  Ascension  planning  a  baptism  involves  a  process   of  preparation.  Bookings  are  taken  at  the  end  of this  preparation  process.

Q: What  do  I  need  to  do  to  have  my  child  baptised?

A: Before  children  are  baptised,  we  ask  parents  to  participate  in  a   preparation  process.

Q: What  does  the  preparation  process  involve?

A:  This  process  covers  two  areas:

  1. We  ask  parents  to  get  into  the  habit  of  bringing  their  children  to church;  so  you  can  join  in  with  the  church  family  and  learn  more about  God’s  love.
  2. We  also  ask  parents  to  attend  a  preparatory  class.  This  is  usually  held by  the  vicar  or  another  member  of  our  staff  team  and  will  be arranged  when  we  book  a  date  in  for  your  child’s  baptism.


Q: Why  do  I  have  to  bring  my  children  to  church?

A: At  your  baptism  service,  you  will  make  promises  both  to  God  and  to  the  local  church  about  helping  your  children  take  their  place  within  the  life  of the  church.  Our  preparation  process  and  our  invitation  to  join  in  with  the life  of  the  church  is  simply  to  help  you  in  developing  a  routine  which  will enable  you  to  keep  these  promises.


Q: Do  you  expect  me  to  attend  church  every  week?

A: No.  Many  of  our  young  families  come  twice  a  month.  The  important  thing   is  to  develop  a  routine,  which  works  for  you  and  your  family.

Q: I’m  worried  that  my  children  will  make  noise  and  disturb   the  service;  will  my  children  be  welcome?

A: Here  at  Ascension,  we  understand  that  children  often  make  noises,  and  we  welcome  children  as  children, in  fact  we  welcome everyone  just as  they  are. You  and  your  family  are  always  welcome at all of our activities  –  although  we’ve designed some of our activities to be especially family friendly, like our informal  10:45am  Sunday  worship service.

Q: How  long  does  the  preparation  process  take?

A: We  generally  ask  families  to  attend  services  for  a  period  of  4  months  as  we  have  found  this  is  a helpful  length  of  time  to  settle  in  to  the  Church  family   and  allows  for  any  questions  to  come  up  and  be  answered.

Q: What  about  if  my  child  is  a  bit  older?

A: Not  a  problem,  baptism  is  something  that  is  not  conditional  on  age.   However  if  your  child  is  bit  older  we  tend  to  involve  them  more  personally   in  the  preparation  process.  We  may,  if  they  are  old  enough,  ask  them  to   make  promises  for  themselves  as  opposed  to  getting  parents  to  do  it  on   their  behalf.  Each  child  is  different  and  so  this  can  be  discussed  as  part  of   the  preparation  process  and  a  suitable  plan  laid  out  then.

Q: If  baptism  isn’t  appropriate  but  I  would  still  like  to  mark  my   child’s  birth,  is  there  another  option?

A:  Yes,  we  have  a  service  of  thanksgiving,  which  in  some  cases  is  perhaps  a  more  honest  alternative  opportunity  to  thank  God  for  the  safe  arrival  of  a   new  addition  to  the  family.  It  is  still  in  church,  before  God,  and  you  can   have  ‘sponsors’  rather  than  godparents – though they tend to fulfil the same role in family life!

Q: How  do  I  find  out  more?

A: Call  the  church  office  on  023  8055  9074, come  along  and  have  a  chat  with  us  after  one  of  our  Sunday  services or complete the form below: