We want to give everything to live the Jesus way. In the run up to Christmas, following Jesus, (with rest and quiet for the soul), can seem impossible amongst the busy Christmas list of things to do, wrap presents, write cards, party, shop, make nativity costume etc…

This Advent season, we are doing a mini series on living the way of Jesus…(at Christmas time) drawing from centuries of Christian wisdom. We are going to explore some of the spiritual tools that can help facilitate drawing us closer to Jesus, and finding true rest for our souls.

Have you ever considered the practice of meditation? What about sitting in silence or solitude? What place does fasting have in our rapid modern lives? This month we are going to offer some practical tips, and have a go at some of these ‘spiritual disciplines.’ Each week we’ll be offering a new practice for you to have a go at in the week. Join in with us as little or as much as you would like to. The goal is to explore some of the tools that allow us to walk more in step with Jesus and His priorities for our lives.

Our first week’s thoughts will be published on the website on 1 December.

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