This Christmas time we’re experimenting with the spiritual disciplines to live the Jesus way. This week we are looking at silence and solitude.

I don’t know what the thought of being in silence means for you. Are you an introvert and the thought of space and peace, and quiet fills you with deep joy. Or are you a raving extrovert and the thought of being in silence for even a few minutes fills you with dread?

I personally hate being being in silence, I like to fill my life with noise. If I am in the kitchen on my own I will turn on the radio to fill the space with idle chatter and music. But being always surrounded with noise is not always good, because we don’t leave ourselves enough quiet to listen to our hearts.

This week I challenge you to plan and spend some time in silence. As you do notice, what it does to you. When you allow yourself space and time, what rises in your soul? Maybe create a journal and write down some of things that you are thinking and feeling. Try some of these tips and tricks this week.

  • Wake up 5 minutes earlier then normal. Spend 5 minutes in silence. Set your alarm on your phone for 5 minutes so you don’t get distracted.
  • Start on Monday by doing a 5 minute slot in silence, on Tuesday add 5 minute and do 10 minutes in silence, on Wednesday add another 5 minutes and do 15. As the week goes on try and spend 5 minutes extra in silence each day. I challenge you by Sunday to do 30 minutes!
  • Make yourself a cup of tea. Sit for 15 minutes contemplating the world. Perhaps look out at the garden. Watch the birds and thank God for his creation.
  • Pause before each meal. Consciously slow yourself down.
  • Eat a meal in silence
  • Journal in silence, perhaps draw or write out scripture
  • Take a walk around your area in silence. See what you notice and what God might be showing you in the silence.