Marc, or Mac as most of us know him, has been on placement with us exploring his vocation. Mac writes:

As some of you may know, over the past couple of years I have been going through the process of discerning my calling, specifically looking at ordination within the Church of England. In my first year here at Ascension I participated in the CEMES programme – this was a great opportunity to get involved with the life of the church; helping at the Sunday services, volunteering in the café and being part of the student work team. From there I began the BAP process, which is the Church of England’s method for discerning vocation within the context of the wider church.

As a process it is not a speedy one and as a young, impatient individual this has not always been an easy pill to swallow, but thankfully after several rounds of interviews, a lot of reading, discussion and praying, I have been accepted to begin training to be ordained!

Excitingly this also means that I will be sticking around at Ascension for the next few years. I will train with St Mellitus College in London and, as with Nicky and Will, I will be onplacement here. I have loved being a part of the church here so far and I am incredibly excited for all God has in store for us.

Something that has encouraged me over this time of discernment has been God’s faithfulness. For me, towards the end of the process it felt more like God was dragging metowards the finish line than anything else, but having finally reached the other side I can look back on the way God upheld me and supported me in everything. This gives me a hope andassurance that even when life gets tough and things don’t go how you thought they might, God is there.

In light of this, my prayer for us this month is that the truth of Immanuel, God with us, would be constantly on our minds and permeate every area of our lives.