Will, one of our curates, writes:

As we embark as a church on reading the bible in one year, we are going to be looking at some key stories in the Old Testament throughout a new preaching series at our services. This series will run from 14 Jan to 25 March 2018.

We are calling this series ‘Roots’ as these Old Testament stories take us back to our roots as a people. The story of Jesus is rooted in these stories and we can understand Jesus better when we see him through this context. This isn’t just Jewish history, it’s our history too.

One of the constant themes throughout the Old Testament is the people remembering their roots, often through singing songs or story telling. It reminded them who God was and that he was faithful to his promises.

I hope that as we root the story of Jesus in its bigger story that we will be reminded of who are God is and that he is still faithful to his promises today too.