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At Ascension, we believe that being a part of a community helps us to grow as disciples of Jesus. Meeting regularly in small groups is an important part of this.

Small groups are spaces in which we can build meaningful friendships, learning together, praying together, eating together and most importantly, growing in faith together. Our life as Christians isn’t meant to be done alone, we are made for community.

This isn’t a substitute for our larger gatherings on Sundays, but it is a place where we can form relationships to support us in both the joys and hard times of life.



All our groups share the same purpose which you can read about here.

Currently we have two groups meeting during the day on a Monday and Thursday, both of which are held in the church café. All the other groups meet in the evenings in homes locally. Groups have between six and twelve members and are led by members of the church with a passion to care for others. you can expect a warm welcome and lots of encouragement as you work out your faith alongside others from the Ascension congregation

We encourage everyone at Ascension to be part of a small group so please contact Steve Waterson, our Small Group Co-ordinator who will be happy to chat this through with you.

You can e-mail Steve at or call him on 07771 817207


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