We’re off to Uganda! We’ll take off from Heathrow this evening, and arrive in Uganda tomorrow afternoon, hopefully with all our luggage (and some sanity!)

As a team, we’re excited to be visiting Naminage, our link parish, to continue building relationship with them and to learn from each other. The prospect of initiating the Petal sanitary towel project is daunting, especially as we are reliant on the relationships we build with local members of the Naminage community. But we’re excited, because it’s a project that the community dearly needs.

Whilst Ugandan culture couldn’t be further away from our lives in Southampton, I know that the commonality that the two cultures have in Christ will bridge so many cultural differences, and so hopefully the village will feel like a home away from home for us.

Please do continue to pray for our safety in travel, and for a development of relationship between us and the parish members from the outset.

Next time you hear from us, we’ll be in Africa!