Ruth here, writing from beautifully sunny Naminage. We arrived safely last night having stayed in Kampala for a night and then traveled on through Jinja.
It rained hard last night which was a blessing as they have had a drought for a long time. It meant that the water tank here actually has some water in now.
Today, Ash Wednesday, we had a service at St Andrews church. Andy was going to preach but when we arrived we realised that there were lots of children milling around. We changed at the last moment to do an all age service and invited all the children in. It was amazing! There was literally standing room only, we thought…but in typical Ugandan fashion another 100 children arrived! It was an amazing experience. At one point all the children and adults were praying for each other, for the Holy Spirit to come. God was obviously at work in many of their lives. It was a real privilege to be part of all He is doing.
This afternoon Serena and I went to the local secondary school to share the fact that God loves each of them, has a plan and purpose for their lives. Then some of the children danced and sang for us. Serena and I restrained ourselves from joining in…just.