Petal LogoJo here – It’s day 5 and weather update: it’s still hot! We’re enjoying the sun, and no one’s been burnt… yet.
Yesterday afternoon, we saw the training that school staff and business owners are going through as part of the Petal Project scheme. Through learning essential business schools such as record keeping, marketing and financial transparency, these trainees will be able to learn and impart knowledge on to other members of the community.
It’s encouraging to know that the benefits of the reusable sanitary towel scheme are sustainable and have a wide reach. The co-ordinators of the project are busy designing their business plan today, so please do pray for them as they make key decisions.
It’s been really interesting to see how applicable and universal these business skills are. The co-ordinators of the project are very excited and keen, which is really encouraging to see!
Today Serena, Annabel, Ruth and Bex are training a number of children’s workers from several local villages in how to teach children about God. Since seeing some school children meet with God yesterday, I’ve realised that the reach and effect of these children could be large and impactful, potentially transforming the view of prayer in Naminage all together.
So please pray for the children in the schools here, and the children’s workers as they begin to explore expanded dimensions of children’s work.