Hello, it’s Andy here. Peter, Jo and I are in Jinja overnight to meet with Busoga Trust and other local development organisations, to look at what local support and governance could be available for the social enterprise. Back in Naminage, the rest of the team are continuing to offer training to those that are wanting to get involved in children’s ministry in the churches surrounding the village. The training for those who are involved in the Petal Project is carrying on, and today they are beginning to learn the manufacturing process of the sanitary towels.
It has been amazing to see God at work in this place. I have been encouraged at seeing some of the fruit of our last visit. Last year I felt led by God to pray for a lady called Jessica, and yesterday I was excited to hear of her talking of how her faith has changed and developed as a result of our shared encounter with God. She shared how she has confidence to pray for others, and to pray for healing and has seen God answer her prayers. We have managed to capture some of her testimony on video and look forward to sharing this later.
On Thursday we met the family who’s wedding we attended last year. The male goat that we bought as a wedding gift for them has been upgraded to a female!