Hi, it’s Annabel here. For the past couple of days the other half of the team, Ruth, Serena, Bex and I, have been doing kids work training in Naminage. About 15-20 came, a range of teachers, students, pastors from neighbouring churches and locals. It was amazing to be there with people who shared the same heart for children and God as we did. We wanted to equip people to know how to use the passions God has given them. 

It struck me on the first day during a brainstorm of creative ideas for sessions how it must be hard to imagine the possibilities for creativity when your own experiences are limited and the resources are scarce. As a result we put together a mock up session that we would do with a group of children based on the prodigal son which we did on the second day. We wanted to show examples of how they could be creative and engage with children in the hope that this would keep the children interested in Christianity and deepen their personal faith with God. Part of this includes teaching them ‘what’s the time Mr.Lion?’ which was really fun, and they all laughed a lot! 

We led a time of prayer ministry one afternoon. It was so encouraging to see because it was good to realise that they don’t need teaching about prayer and the Holy Spirit. We asked them to share their testimonies from our prayer time and a boy stood up and said he felt as if he was flying up to heaven like he was in an aeroplane. God is working in them!

This is just a summary of great few days with the wonderful people we’ve met here.