Hello lovely people! It’s Serena here. For those of you who don’t know, this trip to Uganda has been my first time out of Europe. Where do I start!? I can’t even begin to describe how much I have loved it. I don’t have enough words in this blog to write fully about my experience, so I look forward to sharing in person.
I will tell you my highlights though. I will narrow it down to 3:

1.) The people we have met have been so wonderfully welcoming and generous with their lives.

2.) I have been involved with training with children’s workers from different churches. It was privilege to see their hearts for children knowing Jesus. What an inspiration!

3.) I preached at the Sunday service in St. Andrews Naminage today! God was so close and I never thought I would preach in Uganda.

Anyway enough about me. In terms of the team, we were split today at church. Ruth lead a team to do kids work with about 350 children! They had a fantastic time learning about the prodigal son.

The other half of us stayed in the service and some highlights were people being healed of knee problems and people being filled with the spirit.

After church we were treated to an amazing time at the vicars friends house. We had a banquet and saw a traditional African dance that made me shriek with laughter!

That’s all from me today. Praying for all of you reading this.

God is good!