Jo, our new children’s and youth worker writes:

As I start this new role, I feel called to  pray and fast for our children and would love for you to join me as you feel led – it maybe to fast breakfast, or until evening, or a Daniel- fast (vegan essentially), or a full-fast or coffee/ chocolate or just to pray with us.

I have set aside the week of 5-12 July to do this and will be hosting a time of prayer at church on Thursday 11 July, where we can come together to seek God and hear what He is saying for our children and young people.

I have seen it to be incredibly powerful in the past because fasting is the surrender of self and acknowledging our dependence on Jesus.

During the Thursday evening event, I would also like to share some thoughts I have for the summer, both kids work and social stuff and also  for next term regarding children’s and youth work and to hear your thoughts and desires.


For more info, please contact Jo by email.