While we aren’t able to meet together on Sundays, Small Groups are going to be the main way that we meet together as a Church family.

We know that this is different. We know this isn’t the same as being together – there is something incredible about being the people of God gathered. But small groups allow us to connect meaningfully with one another, whilst continuing to encounter Jesus as a community.

For the time being, each group will look at the same material, (just like we would on a Sunday morning), which will be a short passage of scripture and a reflection to go with it. We will spend time sharing with each other and praying for each other, the church and the world.

We have loads of groups on all different days of the week, so hopefully there will be one to suit you.

If you are a part of our community and want to join in contact the team to get involved in a small group.

If you’re new here, amazing, you are most welcome. Please email us as well, we’d love for you get involved.


At Ascension, we believe that to grow as a disciple you need to be part of a community, and meeting regularly with other Christians is an important part of building up your faith.

Alongside worshipping God as a larger community on Sundays, we encourage you to be part of a small group of some sort. At these groups, you’ll have the chance to have honest conversations about faith, get to know people from your local community, pray together, read the bible and learn more about God.