A few months ago, some of our church family were runners in the Southampton 10km, half-marathon, and marathon events. Some got a taste for running, some inspired others to get started. We don’t want to stop!

So we’ve set up a  social community #RunAndTalk run – not for chasing PB’s but for enjoying running with others in our local area. These runs are suitable for runners age 16+ , who can comfortably run for a minimum of 5km.

The runs will be  a #RunAndTalk session, with the aim of improving mental health through running, by getting people talking about mental health, sharing experiences and removing stigma; providing support and guidance to raise awareness of mental health problems and to support people experiencing mental health problems through running. We aim to grow a community of local runners who will be supportive and encouraging to anyone who runs with us.

Join us on Mondays at 7.00pm, starting and finishing at the church.

Sign up here to say you’re coming