What’s happening to Sunday services at the moment?

Currently both of our Sunday services are in held in person, with the 10.45am also being streamed live on YouTube.

Although the government has removed many of the restrictions we are still trying hard to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. As such, we will not be going back to a ‘normal’ services immediately, and the return of ‘normal’ will happen very gradually.

However, here are some key points about what will be happening:

  • Congregational singing will be permitted for those that would like to
  • If you choose to, you may sit with others, however socially distant seating will remain in place
  • Children and youth will go out to their groups after the first song of worship, as they used to before the pandemic
  • Hand sanitiser will still be available at various points around the church building.
  • In line with current Government and Church of England guidance, we strongly recommend and ask you to wear a face mask while you are inside the church building.
  • The doors on each side of the church will remain open during worship to allow air flow to pass through the space
  • Holy Communion will continue to be in one kind until further notice, with hand sanitiser continuing to be used when distributing the bread

We ask that as a church family, we are sensitive to those who may be nervous about the removal of restrictions. If you are choosing to sit directly next to somebody, please respectfully ask their permission before doing so, especially whilst COVID-19 cases are rising.

We love being able to meet together in person; it will be different, but there is something really significant about being the people of God gathered for worship.