Consider the big questions of life

Join us as we spend nine weeks exploring the the big questions of life through the lens of the Christian Faith.


Alpha is an opportunity to engage with the Christian faith and ask the hard questions. We’re doing this sometimes in person, sometimes online, but either way coming together to have an open time of discussion. The aim isn’t for us to tell you the answers but for us all to wrestle together with the big questions. There is no cost or commitment so come try it out.

Who is it for?

Alpha is for anyone, whether you’re a decided atheist, someone who is unsure about what they believe, someone new to Christianity or someone who has been a Christian for a while.


We’re currently planning our 2022 Alpha course which will start on Wed 12 Jan. Pest check back later for more details.

Where do I sign up?

Please check back later for our booking link, but if you would like more information, contact Mac